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Conversation Between animangachik315 and delightfullymad17

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  1. witch one???
  2. cool new pic
  3. yeha you tell em'!!!
  4. well, apart from the hobo, the clown, and 600 dogs i have at my house that i have too look after AAGGG life is pretty sweeeet! ^ __ ^
    HEY! *slaps hobo's fingers away from the last chocolate cake slice*, THAT IS MINE!!!!
  5. good, hows your life?
  6. hey how's life?
  7. so, britain?
  8. nope if i tell you i would have to kill you lol! i am from Britanna!
  9. ARE YOU GUNNA TELL ME OR NOT?!!!?!?!?! sorry....
  10. yes a 14 year old girl should not use such language! tsk tsk *wags finger
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