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Conversation Between animangachik315 and aether

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  1. Well increase it to 19 now lol
  2. DAMN!outdone again!
  3. Actually I have 5 cookies in a bag at moment
  4. Rawr!! i have a cookie and you dont! bwahaha!
  5. Its a mad mad world
  6. eh i dont think im flirting most of the time but some chick yelled at me for flirting and i didnt even think i was iwas so confursed.....
  7. I'm terrible at flirting and I fear I may be single for the rest of my life
  8. eh .... not really, one of my friends asked me out and i said yes even though i didnt see him as more than a giy friend and then he wnated to hold my hand so i said sure,and it was all weird...i guess im destined to be single, besides if youre in a realtionship you cant flirt....
  9. Yeah pretty much I just don't understand why people rave about being single as boring as hell
  10. wow, so are you like bored out your mind too?
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