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  1. Of course I know the Sims and Animal Crossing! I love simulation games beyond anything~ I have Animal Crossing on DS and I have Sims2 and Sims3. By the way, I can't wait for the pets expansion pack for Sims3!! >3<

    If you want I can make you one.. but I pretty much suck at it. xD I don't mind.
  2. I love Harvest Moon, though I like the Animal Crossing series just a little bit more.. They remind me of sims if you've ever played it.

    Your Welcome Ribbon <3. Hope chu like it D<..

    I wish I could edit sexi or at least good to the eyes avatars like you, but I don't have one creative gene in my body, cept for poetry.
  3. It's by the same people who make Harvest Moon. No worries.. I wouldn't expect you to know. It's not that well known. n_n Thanks. I did edit that myself. I'm waiting for a sig and avatar set. So that'll do for now. :3

  4. Runefactory 4? I've never even heard of the series. Lol must live under a rock. My Ds Lite is also extremely crappy.... hence is why I sold all my Ds games, which I regret now.

    Nice new avatar. Did you edit tnat?
  5. yeah but i still have my nintendo 64 for that. haha. still my ds lite is getting crappy and old. plus i want runefactory 4 that's coming out in a few days so.. i think it should be worth it.
  6. Yesh! It has crappy internet, though has great games! What kind of games do you like from Nintendo? If you're a fan of old N64 games then you'll love the 3ds! Paper Mario 3ds is being released next year!
  7. I'm getting a 3DS for my birthday, soon. O: Is it actually worth it?
  8. Haha, its fine. I usually do for friends, just gotta wait til I get on my friends computer.

    By the way, where do you work o.o? Fun?

    Btw, sorry for any spelling errors.. 3DS spelling is rough.
  9. I'll definetely pick it up whenever I can get free from the school/work routine. n_n Aw.. you don't have too. But thanks a lot if you do. :3
  10. Aww, well you're into random but addicting animes, then Fooly Cooly is the way to go! By the way, you can still have have a present :l.. Once I find a good one I'll send you one via AF store! Kay <3.. ..he'd flick her nose..
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