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Conversation Between Arrisu and Anime Forum

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  1. Sadly no. D:
    I don't own an xbox.
  2. Negative on my end. I can't use skype unless I have an account (Since I mainly use xbox IE that is really difficult). Do you have a Xbox or a Vita? Sorry, D:
  3. Hm~ Well we were going to do it today. Whenever we could round up enough people.
    Add me on Skype and I'll let you know~
    Skype: ayuchanlovesribbons
  4. Hi Ribbon!~

    Uhm. What chat and what time? I'll only be on the computer for another five minutes D: I'll be on later though again!
  5. Hey Yoko~
    Want to play a 5 player game of Wolf
    over chat?
  6. Sounds interesting.. Though reminds me of two shows mixed, but cant remember the names.
  7. It's an ongoing series right now. It's about a witch that gets stuck onto an island and needs help from two human guys in Japan. They try to save her and the story develops from there.
  8. Details? I'm into all kinds of anime, but I like to avoid garbage. I'm too critical on anime, sorry. Though tell me more. :3
  9. You should watch Zetsuen no Tempest. It's so freaking amazing!
  10. You know. Not much! Actually just sitting here, doing nothing. Pff ,_, wish I could do something. Watch anime? Maybe.
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