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Conversation Between Arrisu and Yangchen

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  1. Not really
  2. whoa. you go to bed really late. O:
  3. Awww...I was at home.I wake up at 3 am and dint fall asleep since then.

  4. Nothing much. Just got back from class. Enjoying a day indoors in this bad weather. :/
    How about you?
  5. Hey wats up? (the seeling)

  6. Yeah i love it!!!

  7. aw. lol.
    so far do you like being here? :3
  8. Welcome.
    And thx.Ur probably the 1 or 2 person who welcomed me.

  9. aw. thanks. :3
    your new right?
    welcome to the forums~
  10. Like ur profile pic.Ur Avatar is funny lol

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