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Conversation Between Arrisu and aerophobia

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  1. Happy Birthday Ribbon!!
  2. oh, kk. sounds good
  3. Alright. I'll add it when I get home. :3
  4. my skype is just -- aerophobia1
    lol... i tend to use this username alot i guess, very easy to remember everything that way :P
  5. hmm, well... i havnt really thought about it all that much... but when i do im never really sure on what id want to get. like i have an idea and it seems cool and awesome for a little bit then i think it would be dumb and i start thinkin of other ideas lol.... but yeh, i have both but i havnt used msn in awhile lol... and i dont have a webcam so i just use my skype for chatting with people i meet online like yourself. Still want it?
  6. Well what do you want to get? Also do you have skype or msn?
  7. Ah, thats cool. Ive heard about the pain of getting a tattoo from my friends that have multiple tattos. I guess it just hurts more in more sensitive areas like if you got it on your side or something. They just tell me to get one somewhere on my arm.. That tattoo you got is really nice though. Good pick
  8. Yeah, Ribbon was my old username. Most people refer to me as Ribbon on AF. It was just a heads up, I guess. Yes, that was my first tattoo~ It's actually much LESS painful than I anticipated at first. (:
  9. Oh, hmm thats cool. Ive always thought about getting a tattoo but I never know what id get if I did. Is that your first tattoo? And I do believe you told me to call you ribbon... I think.... or am just crazy lol
  10. My tattoo represents my astrology sign, sagittarius. The red ribbon represents my astrology sign as being a fire sign.
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