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Conversation Between Arrisu and RyuTama

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  1. yes~
  2. I missed you too. ;~;

    Btw dost thou still have Skype? I made a new account, so I don't think I have you anymore.
  3. Tru dat.
    Kya~ I missed you
    so Ryu~ ~~
  4. Hahaha. I think a lot of players are gonna be busy with school and holiday stuff, so you should be fine. I'm glad you decided to join after so long though~. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
  5. Precisely. Maybe I can sneak in a post or two during wolf while I study this weekend!
  6. Eh, it has its sketchy areas, yeah. I'm looking into a decent neighborhood right now, but I'm still planning on having a roommate eventually either way.

    Oh I see. My school is in the middle of finals too, but I wasn't sure if they were already finished up there in Canada. I know what you mean though; need some internet to distract you from exams. x)
  7. Ah I see. Dangerous area?
    No, actually it's quite the opposite.
    I'm in finals at the moment and it's
    quite stressful!
  8. Yeah. I might have the place to myself for a month or so, but I've got a friend that'll most likely be rooming with me. If that doesn't work, then my sister is wanting to move in. It's not just about the money though; living pretty much anywhere in Central California is risky business, specially by oneself. x:

    So are you on break from school atm?
  9. Sounds good. :3
    Living on your own is expensive,
    so only do it if you really... really
  10. That's awesome. I'm in the process of getting back to school for my Criminal Justice degree. I took a year or so off to focus on work and whatnot, but it's about time I get serious again.

    Also looking into a new apartment, so hopefully that works out soon.
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