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Conversation Between Arrisu and Chigumi

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  1. Put in yours. I bet it looks great xD
  2. I will... once she has eyes. Lol. >w<
  3. @ chaos
    Most of the dollars sites I've been on are boring or simply kinda inactive.
    But they have good chatrooms though.

    Anyhow.. oh, that aint THAT expensive. I can image you adore it like its your own child.
    I would photograph the shizz out of it! xD
  4. Lol. Well mine cost about 450 canadian dollars so far. It's so worth it though. I got so attached to mine. <3
  5. I found that out also! To buy a complete one, without clothing, it costs you €600 already or something.
    You can make combinations with more wigs, different eyes etc. One doll only:€1000 to create different looks.. o.o"
    My mom told me I can't buy them also. But I'm working hard now. I hope I can buy them when I get my own place!
  6. Lol. Well mine is custom. I bought everything seperate and I have no money right now for her face-up or eyes. xD its an expensive hobby though.
  7. I would never buy one without a face-up really. Would be a waste of the money o.o
    Yeah most people are actually scared of them or they find that the dolls are plain odd-looking.
  8. I started collecting it in september/october. I'm missing eyes and a face-up but otherwise my little Rei-chan is looking good. It's nice to meet somebody whom also likes dolls. >w< ~
  9. Nope! But I'd love to once I have more money.
    Do you collect them? :3
  10. I saw your avatar and signature...
    and now I have a question. Do you
    collect BJDs by any chance? :'D
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