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Conversation Between Arrisu and animeyay

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  1. hm thats good.
    well i'm happy you
    had a nice trip and all.
    i wish i would travel some.
  2. oh really? I had no idea Chinatown in Montreal was the otaku hangout spot lol
    I did see an anime goods store there. my mom talked to the clerks in Chinese and got a discount when she bought 2 Hello Kitty plushies XD my inner otaku tingled a bit when I saw anime banners like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Shugo Chara :3
  3. lol.
    chinatown is my hangout spot
    and its were the otakuthon (anime con)
    is held every year. *__*
    were there any cosplayers?
  4. lol forgot to reply.
    in Montréal we visited the Notre Dame Basilica and Chinatown. I bought a T-shirt as a souvenir :3
    we tried to visit the Underground City, but we weren't sure how to get there, and the security guards spoke bad English, so we kinda just gave up on that XD my mom did buy two pairs of shoes with a huge discount though, so she's happy XD
  5. haha. actually, i live in montreal. xD
    and yeah it's a billingual city; most people
    speak both french and english. did you go
  6. oooh you're Canadian?? :o
    Canada definitely impressed me! Toronto felt like a more chill version of New York City, and Ottawa was a cleaner, prettier, and more spacious version of Washington DC lol. the Canadian people were also a lot nicer than the Americans haha. Montréal and Québec gave me quite the shock though since I wasn't expecting EVERYTHING to be written in French, but nevertheless I was glad to find that most Quebecans don't force you to speak to them in French like the rumors said, (a scenario which would be horrid for me since I speak zero French hehe). the only problem is the gas price; back home $60 USD would fill up our car's gas tank, but in Canada each fill was $100 CAD. but in any case, I wouldn't mind moving to Toronto if opportunities arise =3
  7. woot woot~
    just dropping by and saying how much Canada is awesome.
    I'm such a proud one~ x3
    How'd your trip go?
  8. I'd rep you back but I must "spread some reputation around" first before I can give it to you again lol
  9. Omg. The fight scene between the twins? I cried. This anime is epic. Poor shouma~ D:
  10. oh you bet! every Friday a new episode comes out
    the storyline is finally becoming kinda clear. I was completely lost until episode 16-ish lol
    I hope you've been keeping up with your penguin spirit, too! @.@
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