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Conversation Between Arrisu and SuXrys

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  1. step-mama,
    im bored. :<
  2. good. good. :3
    so i'll see you there, wolfie.~
  3. Hahahah if RyuTama is hosting the next game then I don't think I would even dare to miss it! xD
  4. lol. okay.
    im alright. the usual: school, work, friends and internet. lol.
    the next game is ryutama's so dont miss it~ c:
  5. Yeah I know, but I didn't had the time for it but I think I'll join in the next one instead.
    And Im fine fine. Little tired since I woke up not too long ago, how are you? =)
  6. you~
    yeah you~
    how have you been?
    you didnt play wolf this time around..
  7. Sweety pie... ^__^

    Great, now you just made me hungry ಠ_ಠ
  8. of course~ I thought i even replied to your PM.
    But thanks for the gift~ You ish a sweetie pie~
  9. Did you recive my pm? :3
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