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Conversation Between Arrisu and blueangel06661

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  1. np dear ^^

    Anytime.. Anytime at all..
  2. thanks for the thought. c:
  3. Give me an example of a freak you've met at a con. The cons we have in Montreal aren't so bad. Although most are FRENCH anime nerds. You can't possibly guess how gross Naruto or Bleach sounds in french. ._.
  4. It's done you should see my thread :3
  5. Haha. No worries. I promise to e-rage at you by the end of today. n_n Seriously though. Don't rush. Chillax broski. :3
  6. Your faces are silly :3 I got my outfit from Forever 21 by the way.. And sorry I didn't get to your siggy. I've been lazing around.. :/ sleeping.. Exhausted from yesterday and hoping I'm not getting sick on top of it. But I'll do it tomorrow promisseeeeee if not.. You have permission to rage on me ;p
  7. Yeah I've been a Florida resident all my life and it took me 19 years to finally go when all of my friends and family have gone. :| It's not very thrill like but it's deff. nostalgic.
  8. Alright. No problems. n_n I got to wait seven days anyways before I can change my signature. Have fun at Disney. I've never personally been, but enjoy. :3
  9. Okay :3 I'll start on it soon :3 I just got done with my crafts for the day and buckling down for the night :3 I can't do it tomorrow though because I'm going to a few of the Disney theme parks. Probably Sunday is the day I'll get to it when I'm relaxing from all that walking.
  10. I reached your quota of posts. Just letting you know, since my temporary avatar is bothering me. I can't stand it's nakedness. =_=
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