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Conversation Between ACBlackJ0ck and Simphoni

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  1. HaHaHa!! Thank-you!!!
    Who is it and where did you get it from????!!!!
  2. It's Miku so therefore I am forced to like it
  3. And what do you think of my new look????????!!!!!!!!!
  4. You're missing out on the BEST love story EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    Well to me anyways!! the last episode made me cry my heart out!! It's about 68 episodes long!
    I LOVE it SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! and ive got almost every entry and end theme on my phone!!

    That is odd!! FUNNY but odd!!!!!!!! But i've probably never see any1 of the animes on your list!!
    Ive heard of maybe 5 anime's on your list! *laugh*
  5. No but I have heard of it. Odd that whenever someone complements me on how big my anime list is, when they ask me about an anime it's always one I've not watched
  6. Thas cool!! ^^
    I'm on school holidays foe the whole month of December and 2 weeks of January too!!
    Mines better!! :P :P

    Do you watch Eureka 7!!??..........
  7. I'm on Christmas Holiday for 3 weeks
  8. I love those 2!! And I think its Kagamine Rin!! I like Len because I haven't heard from Rin yet!!
    I like Luka!! But Miku is my number 1!! But my phones Memory Card is STUFFED full of songs and my parents won't buy me a new Memory Card!!
    At least I'm getting a new laptop!!!!! WoooHooo!!!!!!!!!!

    What's new in your life!!??....
  9. Yeah. I've heard a few songs from Luka, Miku, and Kagami Rin
  10. Oh!! Okay!!
    You should watch it then!! I've seen the first season!! But I cant watch the OVA
    The website I get my anime from doesn't have the OVA series
    But its still cool to watch though!! Try it when you have time!!!!!!!!!!!

    So..... Do you like any vocaloids?!
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