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Conversation Between ACBlackJ0ck and Tanenr Redday

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  1. *hugs* HI. how ish u Head Hunter?
  2. *grins* yayz
  3. Aww *hugs back*
  4. *hugs* its was great Hunter nd pretty much the same thing
  5. It was good. Although it was mostly just me spending time with my parents.

    How was Christmas for you?
  6. Hey how was Christmas HeadHunterX?
  7. Thx u 2 but thts to late lol
  8. Bye and have Merry Christmas
  9. lol im dooin the same thing. WEll i am gunna go to my room and pack. Wont be back. BYE!!!!!!!!!! *hugs nd kisses* lol as a friend merry christmas.
  10. I'm on holiday from College until the 9th of January. I'm staying at my home
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