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Conversation Between Yukiihyou and solidarmor

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  1. Hope you are doing well? You are missed, and was hoping for more artwork from you. lol ;p
  2. I'm ok, how have you been doing? I was hoping you would have more of your awesome artwork to show? Ich hoffe, dass Sie sich besser fühlen? Und sorry für die schlechte Übersetzung, verwendet Google zu helfen.
  3. Yes I'm fine what about you?
  4. Hi, I hope you are ok? Be blessed in all you do.
  5. I guess I'm my own worst critic. So when someone says they like a drawing of mine, I'm always skeptical of it...and I'm not sure why? And the wall survived, there's a dent in it now....and my head is sore. :S It was funny when you mentioned that you liked the moon drawing, cause I love the moon. Since I was little just looking at it made me feel....not so alone, if that makes sense? Guess, that's why I took astronomy?
  6. don't! the poor wall xD joking^^
  7. You made me turn completely red faced. Not many seem to like my I really appreciate your honest insight. I'm going to bang my head against the
  8. Umm.. I don't quite know.. but when I saw those drawings I just liked them soo much :3
    I don't like a special style of drawing, I decide how I like the drawings just by looking at them - and I really liked yours!
  9. Yeah, a room for 3 guys for 2 days was unbelievable too. And you really liked the expressive drawings and the moon? *blush* I didn't think they would be that good. lol Any particular reason as to why to liked them?
  10. Hey =) Using internet seems really expensive n_n"
    I just checked out your album and I really, really love your sketches!
    I like best the "Body Expression Sketch" and (you'll laugh) the moon sketch, but actually all of 'em are well done!
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