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Conversation Between RyuTama and Nikushimi

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  1. Alright, I'll look for your intro tomorrow. x3

    Well, it's a part of a Misc game series that's been held here for a couple years. It's called "Wolf", and it's a game that revolves around critical thinking and investigative skills. There are about 43 games that have been held in all so far. Playing is fun, as well as hosting. I'm hosting the next game in a couple weeks so I'm excited.

    Lol, yeah I'm a bit of a night owl I guess. xD
  2. I hope so~~ I'll go write introduction XD

    What forum game? ;o And you are going to sleep so late , wow xD Good night then and sleep well. ^^
  3. Yeah everyone is really awesome and helpful, so it's super easy to make friends here.

    Anyway, right now I'm just listening to music and setting up a forum game. It's almost 3:30AM here though, so I'll probably be going to bed in a few minutes. xD;
  4. I forgot about this account until yesterday , so I'm new kinda. XD But thank you for concern and will do.
    I'm good , Thanks! What are you up to? ^^
  5. Hey! :3 It looks like you've been here for a while. Why don't you try getting involved in some of the discussions around the forum? Just curious~.

    I'm fine btw, how about you?
  6. Hello , How are you? c:
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