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Conversation Between RyuTama and Hakoshi

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  1. LOL what's with your sig? "Habitually drunk oni?" XDDD
  2. wuuut, darn, I'll check later xDD

    hope so,
    lets have a good game then xD
    and that I can play in the next few ones lol
  3. It just started. XDD

    And yep, just keep doing what you're doing; the one thing that everyone wants is experience, and you're doing really well.
  4. true, xDD
    I guess so, well it must be fun to host xDD
    lol that's a lot of games xDD
    well, hopefully I'll be good to play wolf better xDD
    even though, atm I think I'm doing good then when I started ._.

    talking about wolf games, when does day phase start ._. ?
    I keep thinking 4:30 Eastern Time... :c
  5. It is fun being a wolf, imo. I like being a townie and being able to investigate and test my observation skills and whatnot, sure, but it's fun to try and trick people too. xD

    Well as you keep playing, you'll get the general idea of how a Wolf game is hosted. I thought it looked difficult at first too, but after playing through quite a few (I think around 10 or so now?) it doesn't seem like it'll be too much trouble. I'm still nervous to host mine though. >w<;
  6. oh lol
    Den says he likes being wolf.. guess its because you know who to take down easily.. xDD
    mm, I might lol
    if I can, guess hosting a wolf game is very hard in a way ._.
    or maybe it looks hard... o.o
  7. Ahh okay. Yeah, first time I was a wolf, I think it was my second time playing, so I was pretty derpy and obvious too. I was the Silencer, and I managed to get lynched along with ZombieWolf (resulting in a double wolf kill LOL). It was intense, so intense. xDD In another game I was the townie protector, and ended up being lynched on the first day phase. x__x I have Scruffy to thank for that~

    Yeah, the more games you play the better the memories get. xDD Can't wait to host my own game; it'll be a new experience for me, plus I have Scruff and Kaitou to help me out too. You join, yus? *stares at you*
  8. lol
    apperantly it was high rank, and I was confused xDD
    yeah, I didn't know when game ended, so I forgot to join to see how game was lol
    then when Persona game was going to start Den told me, so I registered to try it out, first time playing and I was able to pass the first day phase xDD
  9. LOL you lucky~ I've never played as an Alpha.
    I haven't read through the last game that much, maybe I should take a look at it later. It looks like it was really short though. xD
    And what do you mean "you never felt like joining forums to play since we weren't done"? o_0
  10. yep, second time
    first time I played I was Alpha wolf (ahaha.. ha.. ha..I got hammered to death in animeyay's death post.)
    mmm, well not really, DenjaX showed me Dragon Ball Wolf game, and I thought it was cool, but I never felt like joining forums to play since, you guys weren't done xDD
    I like this game, fun yet hard... :v
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