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Conversation Between RyuTama and Hakoshi

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  1. yeah I saw the sign up o3o/
    xDD gonna sign up~ since I wanna see how the Touhou game goes o:
    and maybe I'll join the vocaloid game too o:
  2. Nah it's fine, I've been addicted to dA before too. 8D The game ended a while ago, lol~. It was fun to host though, I'm wanting to do another one soon. Xey (Gyarako/Arbacyk/whateverhegoesbynow) is hosting the next two games I think, one is VOCALOID and the other'll be Touhou, if you're interested in either of those. c:
  3. darn, missed that wolf game :c
    sorry been kinda distracted drawing and such on DeviantArt xD (a friend made me get active there again lol)

    :c I'd join but it seems the game started (or already ended..?) so lost xDD
  4. Also y u no online as much as usual? o.o
  5. New Wolf game up if you're interested.
  6. xDD really?
    didn't even notice I was using that format :c ...
    lol ty~ xDDDD
  7. Not that it really matters much, but the [Vote Execute XXX] format is only for Kingmaker games. It's usually just [Vote Lynch XXX]. xD
  8. I see xDD
    might join then lol
    anywho, gl on your game hosting stuff.. once, this game is over xDD
  9. Well you can go ahead and join the Wolf group if you haven't already. o.o

    There's a thread where you can sign up for hosting a game. I applied to host mine when I only had 2 games under my belt at the time, so I'm sure you'd be fine. xD
  10. nambah generatah brah, all da waaaay. -brick'd so hard-
    lol yeah use number thing.. coin seems.. odd and the coin might be trolling you too xDD
    mmm.. I kinda wanna host my own wolf game.. but.. eh
    don't know if a nooblete person can host or co-host.. lol
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