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Conversation Between RyuTama and tazdeviltron

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  1. hey how are you?
  2. that cool i like apples and cookie. like in deathnote red apple!!
  3. thx i will watch it after i finish watch all the other animes i am watching
  4. You like tea, eh? That makes you cool in my book. I like all caffeinated beverages, and that of course includes tea.

    As for Hetalia, I definitely recommend it. xD Some of the characters are pretty "questionable" *coughFRANCEcough*, but it's a hilarious anime. xD
  5. is Hetalia: Axis Powers a good anime?
  6. well i like drinking tea.
  7. Hmm? My avatar or profile picture?

    Well my avatar is a fanart pic of England from Axis Powers Hetalia. My profile pic is just a guy drinking coffee. Because I like coffee. ^^
  8. cool picture what's it from?
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