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Conversation Between RyuTama and Sighanide

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  1. Well, cool. I don't spill coffee. I did spill lemonade once, though. Does that make me Hitler?
    I don't bother with family members much. I do bother the neighbors, I throw branches in their yard sometimes xD
  2. Эй, как дела?

    You're not a horrible person, unless you spill coffee. D:

    Ya I haven't been on in ages either. Since June, I think... I've just been doing some passive job hunting, and bothering family members. Same ol same ol.
  3. I've been working in my russian. Also, I'm a horrible person xD

    What's up?
  4. From the UK to Ukraine eh? Lol sweet. What all are you up to over there? Do you speak any Ukranian/Russian or does everyone speak English where you go?
  5. I've been in the UK. and now, I'm in the Ukraine. For business reasons :/
    Not very fun, what about you?
  6. Ohey, waddup Sig? Where've you been?
  7. *tries to act epic/mysterious*
    Hello, my old friend.

    Aw, who am I kidding? *tackles*
  8. wut?
  9. First the worst, second the best!
  10. Wow, 2nd place in mile run. Imma sad nao.
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