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Conversation Between RyuTama and The Nana Ryu

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  1. Hey Aries joined so we have 11 players also i got a weird message via a guy called Thingyman which i forwarded to you
  2. *is Waiting for that Wolf Game Sign Up* Hey
  3. Thank you I just got really irritated since he got into my face bout it annoying 16yr old child
  4. Lmao. Siblings will be siblings. xD

    But yeah keep the swearing and drama out of the thread. It's especially important when you're host~. You're doing good so far though.
  5. Yup he is MajorHavock and started giving me shit when i called him padawan and saying he knew more bout SW than me lil fucking shit
  6. Also, your brother joined in to play? I didn't realize that was him. xD
  7. oh okay thanks for the clariification
  8. Open set-up is where you post all the roles in the first post. o:

    Closed set-up is when no one knows what roles are in the game, making them secret. I thought you were keeping the roles secret and that's why you didn't want my help. xD If you woulda told me you were posting the roles anyway, I could have still helped you.
  9. I have no idea what you mean by open set up
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