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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. I think they do that crap on purpose. The one day I didn't wear my sweaters (had it in my backpack though), and they have me do freezers. 'Not a big deal', I think, and I go grab the sweater from my bag and start scanning the freezer stuff. Seriously 20 minutes in, someone tells me to switch with one of the newer employees (who also coincidentally lacked a sweater). It's like some retarded projection; they have to deal with a crappy job so they make everything as miserable as possible for everyone else too. BUT UGH, yes, especially when the 20+ year employees start talking shyet because you're not fast enough. Sorry, dude! I have better stuff to do than COUNT AS A CAREER. My company keeps trying to send me emails too, wanting me back because apparently I had one of the fastest counting rates (eat that, asshole supervisor).

    Continued because ranting...
  2. I know the feel, they stuck me picking the freezer three nights in a row without letting me know and I was without a jacket. Borderline torture. And they loved bitching at me for not being fast enough, they took having someone new as an excuse to slack off. A manager that had been doing ims for 26 years bitched at me for being slower than him on my third week there. This walmart keeps trying to convince me to go back to it and I'm just NOPE.

    Yeah, it was awesome. It started with a little yellow flash and then a bright, emerald green streak straight down towards the road before fading out into another small yellow flash. I can't find any reports about it and there was noone around. I'm actually waiting to hear back from the meteor society place on my report.
  3. Ohgod though, stockroom inventory. That crap is hell, especially when the AC goes out half the time. I once got stuck with a bin full of shoelaces. Literally had to sit there and scan over 800 of them. There was a crapton of coworkers back there with me, and none of them knew when to stfu. I probably lost my spot like 6 times and had to recount. Took me an hour to finish that bin and my supervisor got all pissed and told me I was slacking since it took me so long. Bitch please.

    So glad I quit that place when I did.

    Night shift is nice though, you can count on having some quiet time for the most part at least. Fireball? Holy hell I've always wanted to see one of those.
  4. I used to do IMS for them in the backroom a couple of years back (you scan bins and get whatever items needed out and send them out to be stocked, then after that, you put the stuff that doesn't go out back inot the bins) and I was constantly of the verge of passing out. I fell asleep on a ladder once, which was fun. Stocking isn't quite that bad, just a lot of stuff.

    But nightshift is lovely, I saw a fireball on my way to work the other night.
  5. Lol, sounds a lot like the inventory work I was doing last year, so I feel your pain. Sooo boring. I would literally start falling asleep from how dull it was, I'd have to go splash water on my face sometimes.

    And nope, I is too poors for PS3.
  6. I love working nights; I'm terrible at peopleing.

    I just can't stand how repetitive it is. It's literally the same thing, night after night. Even if I'm on a different aisle. There are times when I honestly can't remember what the hell I did because it's so damn bland.

    Oh, I don't suppose you have a PS3, do you?
  7. That... sucks. :c Is it worse than working in the day and dealing with more people though...?
  8. I work overnight at Walmart. It's horrible.
  9. Dying... at Walmart? O.o Explaineth pls?
  10. I know the feel, I've been waiting like five years for my laptop to be fixed.

    But I've been slowly dying at Walmart T~T
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