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Conversation Between RyuTama and aether

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  1. Yeah I would be interested in duelling with you and trading however I can't seem to connect my DS to the wi-fi of mine Q.Q

    I have all three the last time I checked and those other 3 that run round the damn place, by any chance you don't happen to have that God Pokemon do you? That would be rather handy to have within the party. I should really do a stock check of which Pokemon I have and which that I need.
  2. Hello fellow animeforumer who I have yet to hold a proper conversation with!

    So you're on SS? I still have a couple of 60-70 level Pokémon on my HG if you're ever interested in a battle.

    Oh and do you have any Sinnoh legendaries from your Pearl you'd be willing to trade? :S I've been looking for Dialga/Palkia/Giratina for ages. *rageflips desk*
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