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Conversation Between RyuTama and Phylloh

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  1. I have been quite fine ^^ Honestly, I thought your internet had died or you were kidnapped by rabid coyotes and eaten. =) Ever the optimist I is
  2. EYYYY *rolls around* It's been a while. Sup?
  3. Lazing around. *sighs* sounds like a hoot and a half. =/ and I wish I could sub with just that but I need my licensure before i can do that. I also need to give you my new phone number
  4. When are you getting it, do you know? =o And you're still able to do some subbing jobs, aren't you? Or do you need a Bachelor's for that too...? *idunnolol*

    That's cool that one of us has accomplished something though lol. I need to stop lazing around so much. *drops onto the couch and flips through TBBT episodes*
  5. Yeah, I need my Bachelors and then I gotta take my test to get my teaching license so it's not that big of a deal =) so I do need to talk to my new school and see what to do about getting my ACT scores because its been a long time since I've had to send those to anybody.
  6. Wow, already? o.o Congrats! I'm still going for a Bachelor's, but I'm also sorta procrastinating on it, heh. There's just, so many music and language classes I wanna take too, Criminal Justice and Chem can wait. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) So are you still gonna be taking classes, or are you pretty much done?
  7. I got my associates degree so I''m technically a college grad lol
  8. Eyey! How've you been doin' mate? I've been offline for ages, so much school and work and family stuff going on. o_o What's up?
  9. Greetings! I have come to deliver the message that I am beginning my inkvasion on man kind! Lemme tell you, I am not squidding around here! It's time for me to get kraken and take over you puny humans and rule for the mighty! Just use your squimagination and see the tentastic possibilities! =3
  10. GDIAF That is all
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