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Conversation Between Aranneas and RyuTama

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  1. it's pretty awesome but I've only ever seen it in health food stores

    cider is awesome homemade is the best but if you don't have that then either growers or william
    lately I'm on cider hiatus but all through the summer it's the perfect way to chill.

    Wonderland... well. My dude is pretty much rubbish in a straight up fight (3/5 pow/end) so I'll be in the back going 'pew pew' with mah laser beams.

    Environmental attacks might also be a possibility. Did he mention whether the bridge has columns?
  2. Hmm. Never heard of it, to be honest, but the Black Cherry flavor itself has me intrigued. o_o *drool* I don't care for most sodas in general either; it's usually just a toss up between Jones and Mug Root Beer. Normally I just stick with regular lemonade or tea though. Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider is pretty delicious too, but, could that even be classified as a soda? D:

    Btw, watchu planning to do for the Wonderland RPG? o3o You don't have to tell if you don't want, I'm just curious; I don't want to be the first one to post an attack and screw something up. x.x
  3. I'm usually in the same category - I don't even like most soft drinks. I think it might just be childhood acclimatization or something in the case of the bubblegum soda.

    My absolute favourite is probably the Black Cherry Soda by Boylan's Bottling Company. But it's rarer and more expensive than Jones. >.>
  4. Do I look like someone who would say such things in jest? Don't insult me.

    Jk. But I've tried pretty much all of the Jones' flavors. Orange creme and Berry lemonade are legit, but the Blue Bubblegum is just too sweet, imo. I usually don't like the drinks that are made with artificial, "non-drink" flavors, and the bubblegum is a prime example.

    Green Apple all the way man. But ya, orange creme comes in at a close second.
  5. somehow it seems you are correct
    the copious amount of visitor messages and +rep blinded me
  6. "Welcome, person who's been here longrer than I have!"

    From what it looks like, you've been here 3 days longer than I have.... :X lolol
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