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Conversation Between Aranneas and Kaitou+

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  1. if you are lucky you will never have to find out

  2. What do you mean?

    but one day you will rue those words
  4. It's because our games run slow. xD

    Yeah. =3 You should join the Digimon one for the heck of it. We need players.
  5. Jeez, six months out? No pressure or anything. >.>

    But yeah this place seems cool so far. I'll do my best to stick it out.
  6. I really hope you stay with us then. I am already excited for your game already.
  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Custom is a reference to the complexity of the setup. It's a bit of an odd one: there's no vanillas and one indie role that follows a very peculiar logic. And the flavour cuts all ties to both wolf and mafia, though that's less special I would say.
  8. You seem like a legit member, I hope that you stay with us, bro. Also..what do you mean with "custom game"?
  9. isn't that pretty much how it always is on small sites?

    If I'm not still up for it at that point I'll just say skip my turn.
  10. It's because you're a newbie and I am kinda doubting you'l be staying...I still added you to the list though.
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