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Conversation Between Sayne and Sizary Momo

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  1. I guess so,but after a week I might be sleeping in class and still get good grades
  2. school really sucks.
    are you excited for
    your first day?
  3. i gess there wouldn't be anything to do if you started kinda early
  4. i'm in my 6th week of school.
    (i've been keeping track,there's
    nothing else to do anyways)
  5. No,I got at least a week left til I go
  6. my cousins are just visiting right now.
    I have to go to school tomorrow!it's so
    boring!Have you entered school yet?
  7. just relaxing while listen to music
  8. nothin just drawing some
    stuff.How about you?
  9. Thanxs,so what's up?
  10. hi there welcome to the
    forum Sayne.
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