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Conversation Between Sayne and Sizary Momo

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  1. what is rolling stone?Because i have
    a shirt of Green Day and in the background
    it says rolling stone.i never knew what it
    actually meant.
  2. Linkin Park,Yellowcard,The Hives,Rolling stones,um...and a few others I don't remeber
  3. i listen to Linkin Park,One Republic,
    Moroon 5,The Script,and We Came as
    Romans!what bands do you listen to?
  4. 21 Guns would be the secound one,wat other bands do u listen to?
  5. ''When September Ends'',my second is
    When i come around.what's your
    second best?
  6. I guess know you're enemy,u?
  7. green day's awesome.
    what's ur favorite song?
  8. No,but since I like Green day,I'll listen to it
  9. nothing just looking up random things.
    hey have you heard this song before?
    it rocks.
  10. Hey,wats going on?
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