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Conversation Between XorochimaruXgurlX and Shibito

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  1. ok ill accept u during lunch kay hon
  2. Ok ill add you right away. Im SHIBIT0 on there ^^
  3. ok i just made one, its the same name as on here
  4. i'll think about it kay, u might hav to remind me
  5. IMVU is this huge 3d chat site its fun ^^
  6. what an IMVU
  7. you should make a account on IMVU if you dont have already :3 nd you should be my fluffy friend <3 your picture is so amazing i love it *w*
  8. nd yoru a furry -hugs- YAY!!!! does this mean you have a IMVU o.o
  9. yay, friends <(^w^<) yay, snakes *w*
  10. Konichiwaa Love the profile pic so furry so rainbowy Just love it ^^ <3 And Orochimaru huh. even better taste. you and I will be great fiends :3
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