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Conversation Between XorochimaruXgurlX and Shibito

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  1. ok if found u ^^
  2. Not under thatn either hun. Just add me. Its under Shibito117.
  3. oh u probably couldnt find me bc i changed the name its Jasmine Nicole(Orochimaru-sama)Riley
  4. wat does ur pic look like
  5. My name on there is Francisco Chavarro. I should be on Skype Under Shibito117. Cus it says you dont exist your self. And if you want to know how i look like i do have my profile picture of me o.o but you can get on webcam once we get skype workine.
  6. btw what do u look like anyways>.<*blush*
  7. it says u dont exist, whats ur full name er email?
  8. You are being missed D:
  9. im having trouble hun. says you dont exsit on skype add me instead ok. its shibito117
    ^^ cant wait to have conversations with you. jsut no kidnapping me when i meow like a lil kitty
  10. hey do u think u could add me on skype, my username is jasmine.riley26
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