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Conversation Between XorochimaruXgurlX and Sighanide

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  1. I've had that happen to me. I only have one parent now though, the other one is dead. I'm 22 anyway, I have to take care of myself(and my little brother xD)
  2. sophmore in high school,and sadly idk what im grounded for,when i ask they just "u know y,dont be a smart-ass!" so....yea :/
  3. er, you dead again?
  4. or, well, maybe high school, not sure. probably high school. whatever. xD
  5. well THAT sucks. I'm assuming your grade school age, if i'm correct, What grade and why were you grounded for three months? just askin'
  6. hahno im not dead...well grounded for about 3 months i guess it can be considered death to somepeqople XD
  7. Uh, you dead?
  8. when i look at your profile pic, i feel like i'm high. that's pretty scary xD
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