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Conversation Between danman794 and CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN

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  1. xD
    That sucks. What type of homework? Meh ;w; I fail at Language Arts class... T_T;;
  2. ive had HW for a month lol so were even...
  3. I've been going to school for a month >w>
    And I just got strep TT~TT
  4. good, getting ready for school >.< u?
  5. Np~ XD
    (haven't said this in two days owo) How 'uu been? *pokes your stomach*
  6. thx for the info
  7. You just type in the name of the picture that you want then type 'gif' after it ^^
    So if you wanted a moving Soul Eater ava you'd search 'Soul Eater gif'
  8. lol, just think its cool that its moving
  9. Oh, Lol, late reply, but it's good you're good ^^
    xD Thanks~ I found it on Google Images...? I think? XD
  10. good, btw love the avatar u got
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