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Conversation Between danman794 and CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN

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  1. West Point xD

    (not the military academy, the school was named after it...)
  2. ummmmm, holy shit, where do you go lol, im at the biggest school in my state haha
  3. At my school, I have 13,000 kids owo;; Is that not normal? xD

  4. well all the classes r harder, sports are harder, and my HS has 3000 people in it and two seperate campuses so there's tons of people i have never even met at my HS but my schools too massive
  5. Meh ;w; I liked fourth grade better XD
    What all makes highschool crazy? owo;;
  6. those years r the best lol, HS is where it gets crazy, enjoy it hahaha
  7. Whoa... I'm only in seventh grade xD
    School on Thursday? I'm sorry... that sucks...
  8. im a senior in HS lol, school this thursday
  9. What grade are you in?
    owo;; You sound pretty smart if you're able to learn the first unit all by yourself^^
    I know... I wouldn't have been able... to learn it by myself... //shot/
  10. AP Biology lol had to learn the first unit at home...not fun
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