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Conversation Between danman794 and CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN

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  1. I'm the type of student that only speaks in a foreign language to her classmates... XD Sadly, some of them are beginning to learn Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese... so I'm going to have to learn something else to annoy them
    A's are chill^^ Your teacher must love you xD
  2. lol ya getting away with things is hard, but i get A's so my teacher really doesnt get to mad, im the guy that trys to get a few laughs during class
  3. Yeah~ sounds like it was epic But the teacher could keep better track of who got in trouble, right? owo In a class with 40 or more students I swear you can get away with anything xD
  4. good times lol, more actual fun in class haha love it
  5. WHAT?! That's... just too small... owo;;
  6. i had a class of 10 last year lol
  7. 40+ students per class, Lol
  8. classes must be
  9. It's one building, with only two stories...

    Terrible chaos for the claustrophobic... owo;;
  10. i couldnt imagine going there lol x.x
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