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Conversation Between danman794 and Lily Hayashi

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  1. i thought they had a different alphabet...but maybe thats chinese lol
  2. I know a good amount
    Konichiwa, watashi wa aku no musume
    thats one of the things i know
  3. so how much jappenese u know? lol or r we talkin complete failure?
  4. seriously? thats gotta b nearly imposible
  5. It's so hard
    specially when your teaching Yourself with no help but random websites xD
  6. lol i know how you feel learning languages has been one fail after another
  7. I'm currently teachin myself Japanese
    Not failing epically...
    Okay maybe a little...

    Maybe just a little more than a little

    Okay I'm completely failing T.T
  8. lol last time i tried to learn a language was a complete failure
  9. Xddd
  10. sounds compicated...idk im lazy XD
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