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Conversation Between Disconnected Outsider and Sizary Momo

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  1. Good.My grandma came from Mexico to visit! :P
  2. Sorry, I meant to reply earlier but it's been a busy couple of weeks. >.< But yeah, Final Fantasy is pretty much medieval. At least no guns in them anyway. It's a pretty sweet franchise. ^^ How ya been lately?
  3. Oh.Is Final Fantasy a game about the mid-evil times?
  4. Sorry about that, I meant Final Fantasy VII. ^^'
  5. FFVII? O-o
  6. Oh. Sorry, I thought you started talking about Armored Core. xD My bad ^.^''

    And thanks ^.^ I'll let her know Oh yeah, I'm thinking about playing FFVII again since I've also got Dirge of Cerberus from it too. Y'know, the one centered around Vincent. I just have a hard time remembering what role Lucretia played in the whole story, so I'll probably play it again. ^.^ ^.^ Luckily the original FFVII was on the Playstation Network Store, so I didn't have to save up like hundreds of dollars for a new one. >.< And the one I do have a hard copy of is waayyy too jacked up to play right. ;,;
  7. If SuXrys asked if i accepted you into what?
    If your talking about accepting you into the family
    it's a yes.

    Another Age?What's that?I'm talking about Assassin's
    Creed 3.What are you talking about? O-o
  8. Oh, SuXrys asked if you've accepted me yet. I should say yes, right? I said I wasn't sure yet. >.0 I'm not sure about AC3 though, I don't think I played too much of it. Just wasn't like AC2 and AC2: Another Age. Probably got too frustrating. xD Have you found AC3 yet though?
  9. No but i'm planning on getting AC3!!! >-<
  10. Ouch >.0 Sorry, been hella bizzay lately. And it suckzz. ;,; Got appointments every which way, then when I get some "me time", I'm too tired to do anything. lol Oh, have you played any new releases yet? I'm kinda retro, more or less. :P ^.^
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