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Conversation Between Esiphas and Sighanide

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  1. Nice to see someone with my views on console wars for a change.

    I'd love to do all these sorts of things, but I work off my iPad.
  2. Eh, well, If you don't have a mouse, I'd say "GO BUY ONE AND BECOME PART OF THE PC GAMING MASTER RACE!!!!" But that'd be stupid, because there is no such thing. You'd have difficulty with the controls, just as I did with DS (Not Dead Space). The whole console debate is kind of pointless anyway, 'cuz it's all about personal preference. If you did decide to play it, which you probably won't because it costs money, then you would:

    1) Get a Steam account (Like Xbox Live but free and more user friendly)
    2) Purchase Hotline Miami off Steam(It's ten dollars)
    3) Download Hotline Miami
    4) Enjoy!

    You may, if it's easier for you, buy it off Amazon (It's funny because when I looked up Hotline Miami on Amazon, the second search result was Dark Souls O_O)

    My favorite game of the year:
  3. So did I. And I am a mediocre gamer. I had trouble with Fable 3 for goodness sake. But Dark Souls enthralled me so much I just HAD to complete it. The rewards were just too high.

    Im not a big fan of Shooters (I dont have a mouse Either :P), but I might give it a Shot.
  4. Bullshit your a mediocre gamer. My first time, I died (seriously) in the undead asylum.

    I recently got praise for a game that I helped make (Yeah, I'm a game designer AND programmer)
    It's an ultra-violent top down shooter, I think you might like it since you liked the challenging Dark Souls.

    Anyway, I'm WARY but excited for Dark Souls 2.
  5. I usually mess up and die a fair few times. M lowest is like... 20 or so (Bed of Chaos!!!!) but Ie never been better than A Mediocre gamer.

    Haven't played bio shock infinite, bt it does look good.
  6. The same, actually. However, I didn't find the game terribly hard, I only died, like 9 times on my second play through. However, it was kind of stress filled with all the paranoia that I WAS going to die.

    Quite recently I played Bioshock Infinite. That's another good one.
  7. *wi-fives*

    I always play m X-Box with a wired controller anyway, because they are cheaper AND you don't need to worry about battery's, so I don't need to worry about bad ports.

    What Boss gave you the most trouble? My biggest problem was The Four Kings.
  8. Give me a high-five, sir, right now. Or should I say wi-five? (Haha?)
    Albeit, I do admit, the PC port (the one I had to play) was complete sh*t, I had to buy an XBOX controller to get the controls to work properly :/
  9. Oh yes. Dark Souls is easily my favourite game, and the lore is fascinating.
  10. Dark Souls, sir? Good taste, if I do say so myself.
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