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Conversation Between Esiphas and sunnyside

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  1. Although if the two stay merged you could put your mana towards something else. And live together (hey, maybe Petani could develop a thing for Guy, if you'd be interested in developing things in that direction).

    Anyway you have a lot of flexibility (would they want to be famous?)

    What you've mentioned before was:

    "She'd want to stay with Guy. No questions there.

    Petani... Holly would want to keep Petani, Because She's her friend. But she'd never keep her around if it was going to cause Petani suffering. So she'd need to talk.about it sone more.

    She wouldnt realish in her fame. She'd probably avoid press or interviews altogether, to keep both her and Petani.from awkward questions. She'd maybe try for a Kid, Find a nice House in the country. And practice her Archery. "

    Anyway I'm very glad you joined the game, and I'd really like to get at least one epilogue post out of you. I'm here to help with that in any way I can.
  2. Erg. Looks like your PM inbox is full and I don't have another way to contact you so I guess I'll put this here

    So with

    I've essentially finished the non-epilogue part of the game and you can see my last post to you two getting you off the island.

    Now, it would be great to get something from Mrpineapple, but I fear this might fall to you Esiphas.

    Petani has some more mana of her own...and Holly has access to modern medical treatments. So the two could be seperated. Holly would be stuck with artificial hands though. Holly could use her newest mana to perhaps use her tentacles to manipulate arificial limbs.

    ...huh...I hadn't intended it, but have you ever seen the anime or read the manage of Elfen Lied? If not I think you'd enjoy it. Anyway kinda like Nana.
  3. You have a lot of options. You don't have to make a single long post, though you could. You could do a little post and we'd go back and forth as normal. Or you could just add in some banter and I'd handle the fighting part.

    I do want to get the game finished up however, ideally by new years (actually finishing the game might be a fitting New Year's activity especially if the wife passes out early again. :P ) So in a week or so I'll post your character getting out maybe with "Holly" getting knocked out and Petani having to take over (though again I'd really prefir you to do it )

    Anyway even if you aren't up for posting something related to escaping, I'd still really welcome your input in regards to an epilogue for your characters. Again you've got a lot of options for that, ranging from making a long post of your own, shooting posts back and forth, or just sending me some guidance (though I appreciate you've already sent me some thoughts on that)
  4. FYI your PM box is full, so I'll just put this here:

    Ok so the other player with Esiphas just gave me some info to work with for their epilogue. So that scene will probably just transfer to an epilogue eventually for Esiphas as well.

    I move Kara and Luna along because I thought (think?) I might get a post out of Suzumi and needed to move things to spot where that could happen.

    I just mentioned you in a post for Holly's group, but that doesn't affect her, she's still dealing with Raymone a little ways away. This will just help with making things move fast once you move through that scene.

    As always let me know if I can help you in putting together a post. It's been a while, so I'd expect you to need a bit of help. The post I made just now might be helpful in jogging you memory for some little details.

    Anyway as always hoping you can post, and if not that you can at least let me know about how you'd like things to go.
  5. I hope you're OK in real life :worried:
  6. I'll give pineapple a chance to reply and see what he says. However I want to make sure there isn't something Holly would remember that you might have forgotten due to the time that has passed. Holly has already gotten into that ship from the outside after she ended up in the water. (on the "tail" at the back, on someone shoulders, and then up into the theatre to put down a rope.) Also you left ropes dangling when you took the boat you're in now.
  7. On the off chance you aren't replying because there isn't a mention. The ball is in your court with Holly. Kara too I suppose. Let me know if something is confusing or blocking you.
  8. Alright, got it.

    Also you could make aHolly post my me and Pineapples posts, but I shot him a visitor message saying that you're probably waiting on him.
  9. By option 2 I meant the Chair thing where the gunner sits with their legs over the Windshield.
  10. What exactly did you mean by "option 2" ? Er, I guess inexactly would be fine as well as long as I have the rough idea what you mean.
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