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Conversation Between solidarmor and RescueCat

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  1. Well, he got made redundant today and his company was officially shut down as of 5pm today! So, I'll be spending new years with him! haha
  2. Ha, I didn't see that coming. lol And contracts...but your profile says "male" ...not that that changes anything. Still, spend what time you have with him, and be happy.
  3. Haha, my fiancÚ's a guy :P
    I'll be seeing him the day after, we'll just have to celebrate Chinese New year instead!
  4. Send her a letter? A special should get to her in time. But if you can't, you won't be alone, a lot of us won't be with someone for the holidays or New Years. I don't drink much, but when the ball drops I'll raise a glass to you and wish you a Happy New Year. lol
  5. I would if I had a working phone D;
    It'll be alright though, I'll just cuddle my Bearded Dragon!
  6. I know how you feel about the holidays and New Years. You should call your fiance at midnight? So you can at least share that one moment together. It's only a thought.
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