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Conversation Between Vanilla Tsundere and Capitán

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  1. I'm doing okay so far. And yur welcome.
  2. I am well, thank you! Just a bit tired. And yourself?
  3. Check it out.. a sideways Kitteh --> :3

    Just stopping by. How are you?
  4. See you around too! <3
  5. Oh.. you made dat? You got some skills there kiddo.
    Well see you in the forums I guess. And, it's nice to meet your acquaintance.
  6. Oh, um, glad you like my drawing. . u .
  7. I like the eyes of the girl in your avatar. Very enticing.
    Like part of her brain exploded and some of blood filled it up.
  8. Lol. Sometimes Panty's rebellious-ness gets on my nerves. Its okay to have a little rebellion.. but she has way too much. Heheh.
    And yep.. Stocking is veru adorable.
  9. Lol, yes~ Panty is a wonderful slut. She's actually my favorite character on there. I find Stocking adorable and Panty sexy~
  10. Me too. I like Panty more cuz she is more outgoing and funny.
    Hotter too. Actually, they are both hot but Panty is more so to me.
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