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Conversation Between Vanilla Tsundere and .Tatty.

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  1. Hotlinking makes baby jesus cry.
  2. Lol, I'm getting Photoshop tomorrow, so I'll have to use my current set to tie me over until then. xD I couldn't stand seeing that "hotlinking not available thing anymore."
  3. You should you should! :3 better! :P
  4. One of these days Imma sit down and learn all that good stuff. Mhm.
  5. No problemo!
  6. Thank you kindly! I appreciate it!
  7. I'll make you earn them man cards!

    In my signature is my DA link with tags and tutorials in it. =]
  8. Haha, okay! I'll accept the help, even if I do have more man cards. C:< <3
  9. Cough my tutorials >.>
  10. I shall! <3
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