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Conversation Between Kittyinpink and Xangsong

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  1. the same really
  2. Pretty good. You?
  3. hello, hows it going?
  4. hahah yeah i bet , that sounds fun.
    7 and 8 are my two faves too, i also really liked the 4th one on the ds
  5. I like the customization and designing your own levels in Little Big Planet. I make places for my sisters to goof off on all the time.

    They are aren't they? My faves are 7 & 8. Recently started replaying 9, and forgot how good it was. Which ones are your faves?
  6. oh geez how could i forget final fantasy lol they are some of the best games around. i recently got the little big planet, its kinda neat.
  7. Mostly Final Fantasy and Tekken. But I have recently gotten into Fallout 3, and, actually, Little Big Planet. It's actually quite fun, and I wasn't expecting it to be, really.
  8. i havent played much of tekken, but its cool. what games do you like?
  9. Ooo Metal Gear Solid is awesome, too.

    I've watched my friends play Soul Caliber before, and it seems really cool. I'm a big Tekken fan, and it seems kind of similar.
  10. hiya. well other game series i like are Devil may cry,metal gear solid,soul caliber,xenosaga,fire emblem and thats a few
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