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Conversation Between Kittyinpink and Daken.

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  1. lol thats not always easy to do. that sucks.
  2. If your bored, unbore yourself .
    And I'm good, just a tad bit tired.
  3. i'm good, just a little bored. how are you ?
  4. It's okay, so how are you today? :]
  5. ohh! thank you. that sliped my eyes.
  6. Lol, it's good to click "View Conversation" and reply to me that way.
  7. did my reply get to you? i'm still trying to learn how this site works......
  8. Hi, just thought I'd talk to you this way so we don't spam up your intro thread.

    My favorite characters are Gan Ning and Cao Pi.
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