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Conversation Between beth2994 and Teru Murasame

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  1. Hello again
  2. hey........ well good luck at basic training! i will pray for u ok! ok i will u too! ily
  3. It's okay I'm glad you likemeeting new people too. I'm gonna be away at Basic Training starting Tuesday, so if I'm not on that's why. Take care of yourself while I'm gone, okay?
  4. lol yep! u r fine! u didnt creep me out or anything lol i dont get on AIM that much though! so sorry if i dont respond to a message ok! u r the same as me i absolutely love meeting people too! it is so much fun!
  5. Awesome. Didn;t mean to come off as a creeper or anything. It's mainly cuz I have no internet at home, plus I love meeting new people.
  6. awesome! and that is fine i would enjoy that!
  7. No problem (:

    I hope you don't mind my adding you on AIM
  8. well that is good! i am ok! thx 4 asking (:
  9. Hello, I'm doing alright. How are you?
  10. hello! how r u?
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