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Conversation Between CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN and RyuTama

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    Happeh Birthdae, you can't-possibly-be-thirteen year old.

  2. Ohh. OTL

    Oh well XD I still think it's cool~
  3. Freeze Asylum? I'm just the Co-GM for it; the story is completely Ms Harley Quinn's, lol. I haven't submitted any RPGs just yet. Too busy with school. @[email protected]
  4. <(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (>^_^)>

    And I meant your RPG is a really good one. Just how it's set up and everything. I dunno~ I like it. XD
  5. It's fine, lol. A lot of us are probably really busy at this time of year. Anyhow it's good to hear you'll be more active.

    And what d'you mean my RPG plot? O.o *lost*
  6. Okay XDD I'm sorry, I've been sooo offline lately D: I promise I'll be more active I love your RPG plot~
  7. Just dropping by to say, it's really difficult to 'mention' you; I can't do it. D;

    Also, just reminding you about the Freeze Asylum RPG. The game isn't up yet, but yeah. Since I can't mention you in the sign-up thread I thought I'd just come here to let you know instead. =P
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