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Conversation Between CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN and Esiphas

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  1. D'aww, shucks. Sorry about the terribly late reply =x Happy New Year's!!

    That's the link to the picture so you can put it in your sig. :3

    Aw, thanks :3
    Homestuck is a webcomic like Order of the Stick. It's not about Dungeons and Dragons though. It's more futuristic, and deals with gaming. You should check it out :-)
  2. thats... well, awesome starts to cover it. However, because my systems as thick as mince, I need the URL to put it in my sig.

    It is pretty cool, Enjoy.
    Blondes arent dumb. At all.

    No, I don't.

  3. I know it's not the best m(_ _)m if you don't like it I understand OTL

    Ohh, that sounds cool! I may start reading it :-) Winter break is coming up soon over here, so I should have some free time xDD I love anything that involves a dungeons and dragons universe. :3
    I don't know what D&D or anything of what you mentioned is ^^; Sorry, I'm a dumb blonde XD

    By any chance do you read Homestuck?
  4. Order of the Stick is an Online web comic based in a dungeons and dragons universe, revolving around teh ''Order of the Stick'', a 6 man adventuring party led by Roy Greenhilt, a Fighter who's family sword has a green hilt, explaining taht Legacy. Other members are Haley Starshine, A Beautiful (Supposedly), Sharp eyed Archery Rogue, with a sort of 'Treasure Hoarding' problem, Elan, an Incredibly Handsome, Charming and yet oddly low Intelligence Bard, Belkar Bitterleaf, a murderous twin dagger halfling who is kept in check by roy, Durkon Thundershield, a Dwarven Cleric of Thor (Note: OoTS does not use traditional D&D gods), and Vaarsuvis, An Elven Wizard who is on the Hunt for Ultimate Arcane Power (And who's signature spell is Explosive Runes).

    The First page of teh COmic is here:

    If you have any knowledge of D&D 3,5 edition, you should et most of teh jokes.

    And no worrys about teh Sig, it can take as long as you need.
  5. My apologies, I haven't started on the signature much yet.
    I'm trying to catch up in RPGs and notifications on deviantART and AnimeForum right now, so as soon as I'm done with that I'll begin working on it. Once again I apologize :x
  6. Oh, nah, I don't xD
    I wasn't going to question you about it because I didn't know if you still wanted to talk or if I was becoming annoying xD But now that you've got me talking, mind explaining what the Order of the Stick is? It looks interesting xD
  7. On that note, do you read Order of the Stick? You never asked any questions or anything, which surprised me somewhat as most people do.
  8. Cheers.
  9. M'kay :3 Thanks - I'll VM you back when I finish it, which might be in a day or so. XD

    Yush *O* The wet and stormy is the type of weather for me xD Wbu? :3
    Ooh, thunder and lightning :3 Have fun
  10. It doesent even need to be rendered, teh original Cartoon one would do. If you want to render one though, just one of Him/Her/It/Whatever with His/Her/It's/Whatever's hands in teh air would be fine. liek this one:

    You liek wet? Good for you. Its Thunder and Lightning (very very frightning!) here tonight.
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