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Conversation Between CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Hmmmmmm~ *omg it's so tempting* XD
    I dunno xD I go on winter break on next Tuesday o3o *goes to view sign ups anyways*
  2. Ah, well Scruffy has sign ups for the next game up, it should run through the winter break if you wanna try again xP
  3. Ohh. Y'see, I'm not able to do that with school and homework and everything - the voting every day/at a certain number of times per day. Hopefully my busy schedule will die down soon with the winter holidays coming up, but I'm unsure. I might join wolf again, whenever I get the free time It was fun in the one post I made~ xD
  4. Yeah, you've gotta be active with wolf. Sometimes it requires voting every day phase and sometimes it requires a certain number of posts. It's best to get as active as possible or the town may suspect/lynch you.

    The next game should be in a week or so, whenever this one ends.
  5. Aw, I was killed? D:
    I just posted a day ago...

    Oh well - my color was blue, so I was an indie.
  6. Kaitou should have sent you a PM with your role. There are three factions: Independent, town, and wolf/mafia. Kaitou usually color codes. Red as wolf, green as town, and some other color for indie. Most hosts will specify the faction you belong to with the description of your role. Wolves also usually have a link to an outside topic to plan in.

    You were a townie and were inactive killed. I was a wolf and was vigilante killed.
  7. How dya know if you're a townie/wolf?
  8. Yeah. Townies try to weed out the wolves through use of abilities and lynch them. Wolves sway the vites to lynch townies as well as kill them each nightphase. But you need to start posting today or you'll get modkilled.

    And remember, don't ever reveal your role.
  9. How exactly do I do that? o3o Do I just try to conclude from the conversation who is a townie or a wolf?
  10. Wolf started last night, so check the misc forum and get scum hunting ^^
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