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Conversation Between AnimeBboy and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. I will ^^ Hope that you will do the same too
  2. I was busy with studying too. I have a lot more studying coming up in the next school year because it's my last year of college before I graduate.

    I hope that when it comes time for your exam that you do well on it.
  3. I was quite busy with my study this year T_T Yup ... this year I'm sitting for my big exam.
  4. Yeah it has been a long time.

    How have you been?
  5. Hi. Long time no see ^^
  6. Thank you. I hope you have great new years too.
  7. Hey man. Happy Christmas Eve.
  8. Yup ^_^
  9. I see. Yeah it's funny how different people can think the same things sometimes.
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