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Conversation Between daisuke03 and Will Phuah

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  1. I see... It's the holidays here too. The final exams before the hols was really a big pain in the butt... And plus next year we have government exams, it's gonna be a tough year. :/
  2. I see. It's the holidays now too. The final exams were a pain in the butt... -.- But still, it's over now. XD
  3. it's actually our semestral break but i go to school every now and then to finish some requirements regarding about you?
  4. Hey, sorry for replying your message so late, my internet was super slow so it was almost impossible logging in the forum... T^T But well, I'm officially back ! XD
    Glad you're graduating soon... XD How's your school doing now ?
  5. I see... Congrats ! XD Are there any more exams coming up ?
  6. im going to graduate this 2013 :3 yey!!!
  7. Ahaha~ When are you going to graduate ?
    I've still got about three and a half years... T^T That's a long way !
  8. i can't wait for the semestral break XD ahahahaha....actually, im excited to graduate :3 more school works and freakin' examinations hahaha
  9. I see... Haha~ I'm fine. My school is reopening tomorrow. Hate going back to school man ! >< Guess the both of us are the same... XD
  10. im fine the school year just started last wednesday..(yeah it sucks! pfft.... ) how bout you?
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