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Conversation Between LelouchX and Scruffy

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  1. Hai
  2. I dunno. i woke up with a head ache
    And not normally.
  3. Aww. Any idea why? D;

    If it's a headache, you take any medication for it?
  4. Hai.
    im okay. my head hurts tho >.<
  5. Ola, senora~

    How are you? :3
  6. okay. lol its an okay game. it get boring super quickly! OH, nd i....doesnt know how to even start a lawn mower T^T
  7. Grand Fantasia? Haven't heard of it before :o
    OH? WHY AIN'T CHU MOWIN' IT? Also, I may/may not leave soon to go watch da movie. If I do, just shoot me a PM/VM and I'll respond to it as soon as I can! :3
  8. lol. it is freshly mowed grass. someones mowing it right now x3
    nd im playing Grand Fantasia. im kinda bored.
  9. D;

    WHAT VIDYA GAEM IS DIS? :o Also, I didn't know grass had a smell. o_o Except freshly mowed grass. That actually smells pretty good. 8D
    I'm listening to some Linkin Park and playing some FF13, trying to get rid of this massive headache. Also waiting to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tonight.
  10. nothing much ^^
    My house smells like grass. It kinda bugs me. Nd im playing a game. How bout chu?
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