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Conversation Between nrL and MegaAnimeFan

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  1. I'm glad you do.
  2. omg i thought you left
    good 2 have u back

    luv ur threads
  3. nice self deception

    But you see, there are no "people with rep power" who "downvote" what you say. It's just in you head. You make the choices and your evil psyche influences the digital appearance of your profile.

    Change your evil ways before it's too late!
  4. All it means a number of people with differing views on some of the things I posted had large amounts of rep power, which gets transfered as -rep points when someone downreps me.
  5. Because that line above your red!
    That means dark side
  6. Why do you say my karma is evil?
  7. Your karma is evil.
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